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Thomas Morrison is a professional musician and teacher based in Portland, Oregon. Tom studied Classical piano beginning at an early age, and earned multiple honors as a young performer at the local and statewide level. Equipped with this foundation in the Classical tradition, Tom’s musical interests subsequently broadened to include Jazz, Rock, and Soul music. Along the way, he developed a deep fascination for other keyboard instruments such as the electric organ and the synthesizer.

In 2010, Tom graduated from Reed College with a Bachelor’s of Music degree and began teaching professionally in the Portland area. As a professional keyboardist, Tom routinely performs locally and on tour throughout the West and the East coast. He has maintained his private teaching practice since 2012.


Tom offers quality piano instruction in classical, jazz, blues, folk, rock/pop for students ages 5 to adult. His professional experience allows him to deliver practical knowledge and skills that apply to our modern musical world. His diverse musical background informs a curriculum that emphasizes music’s early fundamentals, while adapting to each individual student’s blossoming interests. Students learn to read music, develop healthy technique, train their ear, improvise, and explore the instrument through self-directed discovery.

We have somewhat jokingly described Tom as the perfect mix of a cool and talented soul musician, and traditional piano instructor. While said in jest, the truth is that after having watched him teach our three kids over the past couple of years, we were spot on. His rich musical perspective gives him the insight to tailor his teaching approach for each of our very different kids. He makes the whole experience fun for each of them, yet also maintains a dedication to mastering the craft. This adds a challenging component that our kids find very rewarding as they master each small step. His sustained focus on the little things, such as hand position, song dynamics, and importantly rhythm, make his style uniquely effective.

-Chris and Molly

Tom is just the right mix of patient and persistent. He has high expectations, but he also makes it fun. Our kids are really different in style and motivation, but both of them have flourished with Tom’s support.

-Jeff and Martha



  • 7/25 . Show Us Your Spokes . Bend, OR (Scott Pemberton Band)
  • 7/26 . River City Saloon . Hood River, OR (Scott Pemberton Band)
  • 7/28 . Giver By The River . Conway, WA (Life During Wartime)
  • 8/4 . Goodfoot Pub and Lounge . Portland, OR (Life During Wartime)
  • 8/18 . Private Party . Portland, OR (The Satisfactions)
  • 9/7 . Talent Club . Talent, OR (Life During Wartime)
  • 9/8 . Boom Boom Room . San Franscisco, CA (Life During Wartime)
  • 9/15 . WOW Hall . Eugene, OR (Life During Wartime)